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Guitar, Lead Vocal, Harmonica

Influenced from the day he could walk, John Leonard was raised in a family where playing music and singing was the norm. He says of his experience growing up, "As musicians, my parents had a great appreciation for music and it was common for them to host jam parties at our house. There always seemed to be a house full of friends with live music being heard while growing up. So, I got bit by the music bug at a young age and its venom has spread a lifetime." Witnessing the fun and good times that came from his parent’s music jam parties, John quickly developed his own interest in playing music. By the time he turned 14, John began to teach himself to play guitar by watching his dad, Leonard, and friends. Help came in the form of a hand drafted chord chart that John found in his dad’s guitar case. Soon after, John was creating and writing his own songs. Now, years later, with hundreds of songs in his portfolio fitting for a variety of genres (and situations), John Leonard has showcased his catalog countless times, both as a solo performer and as a member of a band. Much of his passion and influence is derived from personal experiences. By sharing his music and songwriting with comrades in the military, John found music to be a tremendous benefit for veterans struggling with their own life challenges. It’s these profound experiences that inspired John to put the two together and start MusicWorks4Veterans. MW4V is a nonprofit project that encourages veterans to participate in the creation of music for the benefit of healing. John Leonard says of his band mates (who are also volunteers in this project’s mission), “Along with having such great creative talent and skill with their instruments, I truly believe their hearts are in the right place with how music can be used in such a positive way. And, that’s exactly what is required to take these songs and this music to the next level. There is definitely no lack of heart and passion in this John Leonard Band venture. You will hear and feel what I’m talking about when you listen to us play.” John Leonard was born and raised here in the NW until the 6th grade, at which point his parents moved to the Midwest where he attended Jr. high and H.S., followed by his service in the military.

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